London broil

My lovely wife, hereinafter referred to as the High Priestess, has a huge love affair with London broil. She frequently requests this and will happily snack on cold leftovers. This is a good thing, as she’s currently hitting a low carb, low fat diet. As you can imagine, she’s been after me to throw a […]

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Surf (and Surf)

I must say that the Timberline makes meal prep a cinch. In the short time it has graced our deck, it has probably been used more than its predecessor. Pizza? Throw it on the Traeger. Baked goods? Traeger. Meat? Traeger… duh. Last night was no exception. The High Priestess and I were actually home at […]

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A Solid Weekend on the Grill

Would it be sacrilegious to talk about making baked goods on the Altar of Meat? Asking for a friend. All kidding aside, it was a successful cooking weekend at AoMHQ. Started by making pizza, topped with pepperoni, green pepper, and mozzarella. That served as supper on Friday. I’m amazed at how easy it is, especially […]

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Baseball, BBQ, and Boog

One of the quintessential summer pastimes in the US is baseball season. Many folks will tell you that baseball is boring. I disagree… after all, how many sports can you fail 7 out of 10 times and still be considered one of the all time greats? That’s beside the point, though. The highlight for me […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us as we learn about BBQ and taste as much of it as we can. This is planned to be a side project, sharing what we learn and hopefully getting tips from the greater BBQ community. We are not experts… we are not competitors… we are fans, though, and that’s all you […]

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